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Brain health

Our brains never switch off. Awake or asleep, they look after our thoughts, feelings, instinct, senses, motion, breathing, heartbeat, and every aspect of our behaviour. They need continuous energy, and this comes from what we eat. What we consume influences the structure and function of our brains, and has a direct impact on how we think and feel.

We want to help everyone understand how certain foods not only maintain a healthy body, but can specifically support a healthy brain.

Our brain defines many different aspects of who we are: cognition - said to produce about 70,000 thoughts a day, housing our minds, storing our memories, and helping us to process speech and language; emotion - responsible for how we feel, our disappointments, dreams, and motivations; and volition - controlling our actions and decisions, and how impulsive we are.

The right nutrients can help the brain to work better. Eating the wrong foods – those that are processed or high in refined sugars – or not getting enough of the right foods can leave our brains vulnerable. This may result in inflammation, preventing the brain from performing well.

By understanding the brain, we can be empowered to think through nutrition and make better food choices.


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