Building programmes

We believe that we can create the greatest impact by raising awareness and providing solutions that lead to the right nutrition, particularly for people who have previously had difficulty accessing it.

We do this through specific initiatives in prisons and schools.

Think Through Nutrition in Prisons

Our groundbreaking Think Through Nutrition in Prisons  programme is made up of three key components: education, nutritional intervention and research. Both modular and adaptable to each setting, it reflects objectives shared with us by the Ministry of Justice and Prison Governors. These are:

  • Short-term: to improve how people within prisons feel and to optimise life chances

  • Longer term: to extend learning to families and break cycles of offending behaviour

We set defined outcomes at the beginning of each project, which is developed in full consultation with the men and women within prisons, with catering teams and with wider staff.

The right nutrition in a prison setting can help to:

  • Reduce impulsivity and violence

  • Promote better mental health

  • Improve receptivity to other educational and training programmes

  • Break cycles of offending for prisoners and their families

Think Through Nutrition in Schools

Our schools programme is focused on providing advice and information to schools, both directly and through their catering companies. We collaborate with school leadership teams to define goals and key outcomes that are specific to each setting.

The right nutrition in a school setting can help to:

  • Enhance concentration

  • Improve receptivity to learning

  • Minimise disruptive behaviours, helping to create more engaged and interested classes

Think Through Nutrition - future programmes

We are currently exploring future Think Through Nutrition programmes, looking to raise awareness around pregnancy and mental health.