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Creating shared resources

We are built on 36 years of rigorous research. Our work and language is often scientific, but our message could not be simpler - by eating well, everyone will have better brain health and life chances. We continue to develop resources that empower everyone to think through nutrition, and make positive changes to the way we all eat.

Informational tools

We want to increase understanding of the brain’s specific needs. Our information, videos and recipes provide important facts and advice on brain health and nutrition, as does our work delivered directly through projects in prisons and schools. We want everyone to have the information they need to think through nutrition.


We have worked with experts in food and nutrition to develop recipes that enhance brain health.

In creating each one, our focus has been on making sure that they are nutritionally balanced, affordable, and simple to make. We know that ‘simple’ means something different to everyone, so we have categorised our recipes by how easy they are to make for someone with no experience in the kitchen at all.

Defining scientific terms

Our publications section offers an overview of key research into the link between nutrition, the brain and behaviour, but the language used is often technical in its nature. We have worked on defining scientific terms to help provide context for our research and initiatives.