Influencing policy

We are committed to enabling access to good nutrition, and to being an active voice on the importance of the right nutrition for brain health.

Our policy influencing work spans academia, scientific research and politics, bringing these strands together to drive a step-change in public discourse. We want to see dietary guidelines that recognise nutrition for brain health.

Female Offender Strategy

Our groundbreaking Think Through Nutrition in Prisons programme, currently focused on the women’s prison estate, is closely aligned to the Female Offender Strategy (2018); specifically, earlier intervention, an aim to make custody as effective and decent as possible, and an emphasis on community-based solutions.

In considering this strategy, we look to fill the significant gap around the positive role nutrition for brain health can have. We see a specific opportunity for optimising brain nutrition as part of a range of interventions within prisons. This will support engagement with wider programmes highlighted within the strategy and contribute to other measures being more sustainable. We believe that nutrition is the foundation that will make other interventions more efficient.

We intend to utilise our prison collaborations to continue to build evidence for the benefit of nutritional intervention and to create an amplified voice with partners. We will analyse and frame our findings in line with defined policy goals.

National Food Strategy

In 2019, we will be contributing to the National Food Strategy consultation,  which the DeFRA Secretary of State said aims to “build on the work already underway in the Agriculture Bill, the Environment Bill, the Fisheries Bill, and the Childhood Obesity Plan to create an overarching, integrated food strategy for government”.

We  want to ensure that the strategy highlights food that enhances brain health for everyone, and will be engaging and lobbying to that effect.

Consultation responses

We have frequently raised awareness of issues around nutrition and pregnancy, adolescence, autism, and mental health to parliament. We have also made specific responses to Ofsted and the Secure Colleges inquiries, and continue to engage in wider public consultations.

Meetings with decision-makers

We have been an active voice on the importance of the right nutrition for brain health, holding meetings with several key decision-makers over the years. We have found that the environment has become much more receptive to the concept of targeted nutrition for the brain, and look forward to engaging further in the national agenda.