Our impact

We have a proud history. For the past 36 years, through our focus on the link between nutrition, the brain and behaviour, we have demonstrated how the right nutrition can improve life chances through better brain health. It is from this strong foundation that we continue to grow.

This year, we have strengthened our focus on delivering change within the criminal justice system, begun to develop educational and nutritional programmes for implementation within prisons, attended and been profiled at the inaugural ISSFAL International Lipid School, and relaunched our brand and identity. To progress this far, we have listened to many voices - people within prisons, government, our funders, sector partners, and our team. We are grateful for the generosity with which people have shared their ideas, and will continue to build on these over the coming years.

Our Annual Report is a good reflection of the work we have put into action this year. It also set outs our financial information, including how we raise and spend our funds. Read our report.