Our Initiatives

We believe that we can create the greatest impact by raising awareness and providing solutions that lead to the right nutrition, particularly for people who’ve previously had difficulty accessing it. We do this through specific initiatives:

  • Education, intervention and research in prisons

The right nutrition can help to:

· reduce impulsivity and violence
· promote better mental health
· improve people’s receptiveness to other holistic psychosocial programmes
· break cycles of offending for prisoners and their families

  • Advice and information in schools

The right nutrition can:

· enhance concentration
· improve students’ receptiveness to learning
· minimise disruptive behaviours, helping to create more engaged, interested and fulfilled classrooms

  • Awareness in pregnancy (in development)

· The right nutrition before conception and throughout pregnancy can help to optimise potential for the growing child and their future development

  • Awareness in mental health (in development)

· The right nutrition can help to promote better mental health and improve people’s receptiveness to therapeutic interventions, and the efficacy of those treatments