Pioneering research

Thanks to our 36 years of research, we know that the right nutrition can have a huge impact on brain health and life chances. We are building on our acquired knowledge to deliver real change. Our mission is to translate nutritional research into clear information and creative solutions, empowering people to think through nutrition and make positive changes.


One of our key goals is to encourage productive dialogue about brain nutrition within the scientific community. Our Publications section offers an overview of key research into the link between nutrition, the brain and behaviour,


Our Colloquia bring together our Science Advisory Council and Science Fellows. They offer an opportunity for our experts to share their own research, and to discuss the future direction of research into nutrition and neuroscience, enabling them to provide us with guidance on areas of policy interest for progressing our vision.

Round Table

Our Round Table events aim to raise awareness of the crucial role of nutrition in the development and maintenance of healthy brains in specific settings. They draw together scientists, practitioners and other partners for themed discussions focused on particular groups.