Raising awareness

We want to build and sustain healthy brains through food and nutrition, for the benefit of individuals, families, and society as a whole.

We understand the need to enable people to think about this early, and to help cut through the latest fads and fashions. We will always maintain our scientific rigour, and to build evidence and discourse around good brain nutrition.

Henry Kitchener Prize

We launched the Henry Kitchener Prize in 2014, in memory of Henry, 3rd Earl Kitchener, our first Chairman and an important champion of our work for 30 years. Lord Kitchener was an early pioneer in engaging with the scientific evidence that nutrition impacts brain health and life chances. The competition encourages young scientists to explore how research in this area might help solve practical problems.


Our annual lecture series takes a look at the impact of nutrition on brain health. At these events, experts on our Science Advisory Council share their specialist knowledge in different areas of brain development and human health. At each lecture, a panel discussion offers the opportunity for the audience to get involved.

Our previous lectures include:

2018 - Spot the neuro-trash: how to tell neuro-news from neuro-nonsense - Professors Gina Rippon and John Stein

2017 - Science, seafood, brain and behaviour - Rick Stein and Professor John Stein

2016 - Nutrition and behaviour: are people and governments buying in? - Professor Tom Brenna

2015 - The global crisis in nutrition and mental health - Professor Michael Crawford
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