Who we are

Our vision is for everyone to have the best life chances through nutrition that enhances brain health.

Our mission is to translate nutritional research into clear information and creative solutions, empowering people to think through nutrition and make positive changes.

We are the UK’s leading voice on the link between nutrition, the brain and behaviour, transforming life chances through the right nutrition. We deliver change and turn research into impact by building nutritional and educational programmes in prisons, schools and other environments, creating shared resources for all, raising awareness through essay prizes and lectures, influencing public policy and pioneering research.

We bring together scientists, nutritionists, educationalists, cooks and caterers to further develop our robust evidence base and make the case for change. We are world-leaders in our field: our expert Board and Science Advisory Council includes leading academics globally on nutrition and the brain.

Over our 36-year history, we have adapted and grown; one thing has remained the same - our commitment and our focus on delivering rigorous science, which we are translating into real-world impact that provides people with the information and tools they need.


What makes us unique?

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Our team is second to none, providing expertise in designing successful nutritional interventions in clinical trials and managing change within complex environments. With a unique blend of skills, we’re able to achieve clarity and results.

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We’re expert at leveraging our existing experience and evidence base. As a learning organisation we excel at translating research into real world applications – and outcomes.

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We have broad experience in designing and delivering nutritional interventions and measuring their impact. Our innovative offering can work in a variety of settings and delivers excellent results.


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